"Let me start off by saying that I’ve had really bad experiences with dentists and dental offices in the past, but this dental office is amazing! What makes it amazing is the great work that Dr. Anglin and Dr. Nelson do along with the amazing team of hygienists that are kind, knowledgeable, and thorough in their work. I’ve had Mason as my hygienist the past couple of times and he’s wonderful, just as everyone at the office is! I first started seeing Dr. Anglin when I got my braces, as he came highly recommended from my orthodontist, and I must say that the cleaning that the hygienists do, going around the brackets and wires, was very gentle and thorough. So, I highly recommend this dental office if you’re in the market for an excellent one!"

Lauren Tanner

"I saw Dr. Nelson and loved her! The staff is extremely professional and helpful at all times. April, the office Manager has been wonderful in coordinating my treatment plan and is incredibly knowledgeable. Dr. Nelson helps me to feel comfortable, confident and will do whatever it takes to help me get to my goal. There is a lot of work I have to have done to my teeth but she is the first out of 3 dentist to really show that she cares and is going to help me achieve my goal. Dental Hygienist was so incredibly sweet as well! I’m so glad I heard great things about this office and made my call! For me, they are life saving!”

- Lauren Tanner